On Nexus and Incoherent Sets in Ideal Spaces


  • Dheargham Ali Abdulsada
  • Luay A. Alswidi
  • Hayder Kadhim Zghair


Ideal, Nexus Point, Incoherent Point, Ideal Map.


The idea of this work is to build new type of sets with properties that allow us to form topological spaces based on a well-known mathematical concept. So the concept of ideal was used to define a new type of sets that we call nexus sets, and through it we identified new types of Cortex the important properties of which were studied.




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Dheargham Ali Abdulsada, Luay A. Alswidi, & Hayder Kadhim Zghair. (2023). On Nexus and Incoherent Sets in Ideal Spaces. Utilitas Mathematica, 120, 70–74. Retrieved from http://utilitasmathematica.com/index.php/Index/article/view/1581

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