Action of Representation for Lie Groups


  • Zinah Kadhim
  • Taghreed Majeed


Lie group, representation of Lie group, dual representation of Lie group, tensor product for representation of Lie group.


The primary purpose of this research is to work out a new action of Lie group through dual representation. In our paper we mention the basic definitions, the tensor product of two representations, We’ll discuss the study of action for Lie group on Hom-spase using equivalence relationship between Hom and tensor product. We’ll their action to study on a structure consisting of five vector spaces. In the end we obtain new generalizations using dual action of representation for Lie group Ǥ.




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Zinah Kadhim, & Taghreed Majeed. (2023). Action of Representation for Lie Groups. Utilitas Mathematica, 120, 84–98. Retrieved from

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