Impact Of Leadership Styles on Job Satisfaction of Employees in The Construction Industry in Malaysia


  • Krishnaveni-Kris Kunji Raman, Dr. Amiya Bhaumik


Leadership, Leadership style, job satisfaction, organizational commitment.


Leadership assumes a fundamental job in any industry. Accordingly, a positive connection between the leadership and the employees is exceptionally strategic for any organization to show signs of development turnover and acknowledgment. The current research talks about the leadership styles utilized in the Construction Industry in Malaysia. The development of construction industry in Malaysia requires appropriate leadership approaches of the leadership. In the state of such prerequisite, this research study has three-overlay targets: first, to consider the leadership styles utilized by the higher-leadership levels of Malaysian construction organizations, and second, to inspect the effect of leadership styles on job satisfaction, and third, to investigate the effect of the leadership styles on organizational commitment. A review was planned and conveyed to evaluate the goals of the research. A sum of sixty employees were chosen for the research. The study respondents were the three working groups of the three construction organizations; (1) ranking managers, (2) construction engineers, (3) researcher bosses. The survey has an aggregate of 25 questions that incorporates socioeconomics, leadership styles appraisal, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment. Certainty level, Mean, and Standard Deviation was utilized to investigate the aftereffects of the respondents. The outcomes show that the higher-leadership of organization utilizations decent leadership styles and the employees are happy with the job and focused on the organization. Notwithstanding, employees of organization B and C were not content with the leadership styles utilized by the leadership and unsatisfied with the job and less dedicated to the organization.




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